CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

Why CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems?

International and local directives have been developed and are continuously more stringent in order to limit and reduce the level of still permitted pollutant concentrations. Continuous monitoring of emitted pollutants is the key pre-condition to determine the level of emissions from a source and to ensure Compliance with existing legal requirements whilst also keeping an eye on Process Performances and Fuel Consumption.

TECNOVA HT has spent more than 40 years on improving the design, planning, construction and validation of challenging operational and environmental monitoring systems. Worldwide state-of-the-art technologies, along with long-term, well-known industry performance and care, are qualities built-in with each supplied analysis system.

TECNOVA HT , with over 500 field installations in more than 25 countries, is recognized as a reliable partner in providing extractive and in-situ continuous process gas analysers impeccably integrated in standard or customized panels, cabinets or shelters to ensure 101% compliance with legal requirements.

TECNOVA HT Service Department, is our team dedicated to providing quality, on-time and professional CEMS round-the-clock services throughout the year, both onshore and offshore. Whether Customer needs are for daily CEMS maintenance or weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance visits, our skilled field engineers are available to help. As a result of our large inventory of spare parts and analysers, TECNOVA Group service organization offers maximum support through fast response time ensuring a seamless emissions analysis.

Why are CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems by TECNOVA HT better than other Vendors?

  • First of all, TECNOVA HT has always invested considerable financial resources in workshops, training or seminars dedicated to legal requirements to improve the system’s engineering offering the best reliability to the Customer but also full compliance with regulatory procedures or norms.
  • Secondly, TECNOVA HT has never had any specific industrial market as a business target: pow-gen units, boilers, incineration units, biomass plants, etc. are different processes with different fuels or combustible materials and thus, with totally different emissions. Low flow rate, water carry-over, dirty and corrosive gases etc. are only a few among emission characteristics leading to completely different sampling and analytic solutions, well known by us.
  • Thanks to TECNOVA HT R&D accomplishments, we have personally engineered and manufactured several specific isokinetic heated probes manufactured in different materials such as stainless steel or exotic alloy, depending on the flue gas composition. Each device is also equipped with a specific filter to lower the dust load, maintaining the sample characteristics with no loss of analysis quality.
  • TECNOVA HT CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems are available as standard integrated ones or also fully customized in accordance with the Customer’s requirements, such as different mechanical layout to fit into existing rooms, multi-channels analytical systems to manage more stacks with one CEMS, integrated cabinets suitable for a hazardous area, conservative approach to cope with abnormal process conditions, etc.
  • Our Scope of Supply is not simply the CEMS itself at lowest price but, rather, a partnership to assist the Customer throughout the system’s lifecycle. The site survey & feasibility study is managed by our skilled technicians and, together with in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements and standards, the engineering phase will be executed in a faultless and timely manner. Sampling & Analytical Sections are always assembled with top-quality items and fittings for long-term duration with the best reliability and lowest maintenance cost.
  • Due to the fact that all CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems require maintenance, the Purchasing Manager should also pay attention to the service potential of his CEMS Vendor’s short-list. TECNOVA HT has a specific team of service engineers and back-up staff fully dedicated to planning, commissioning, maintenance and upgrading of any CEMS, even those not supplied by TECNOVA Group.

CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

Why are CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems so critical?

A standard analysis system could be installed to monitor and analyse certain specific process parameters like concentration, colour or Wobbe index: depending on the technology, the maintenance rate could be negligible or intensive. On the other hand, with CEMS, maintenance is always critical due to the fact that a yearly legal validation is mandatory.

How is this validation carried out? It depends on local directives and country regulations. For example, in the European Community, the relevant standard is EN 14181: it is a European standard related to quality assurance of Automated Monitoring Systems (AMS), also known as continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) used for measuring emissions from industrial sites.

EN 14181 is divided into four main sections and defines three Quality Assurance Levels (QAL) and one Annual Surveillance Test (AST):

  • QAL 1: Requirements for use of automatic measuring equipment that has had its suitability tested according to EN 15267 and EN ISO 14956
  • QAL 2: Requirements for installation of automatic measuring equipment (AMS/CEMS), calibration of AMS/CEMS using the Standard Reference Measuring method (SRM), determination of measuring uncertainty/variability of AMS/CEMS and check for observance of pre-set measuring uncertainties
  • QAL 3: Continuous quality assurance by the operator (drift and precision of the AMS/CEMS, verification on control card)
  • AST: Annual surveillance test including SRM measurements to check the uncertainty of the AMS values

It is pretty clear it is not logical to install the cheapest CEMS found on the market, since this economical investment will be a nightmare for ordinary maintenance and, even worse, seriously question yearly validation to avoid huge fines or forced plant shut-down by public authorities.

Even if preventive maintenance does not guarantee total elimination of accidental failures, a company like TECNOVA HT can be strategic and economic for many industrial installations, not only for maintenance and specialist assistance, but also for a planning and upgrading service.

CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems


Which kind of process units should have CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems?

Basically any stack installed in an industrial plant should be equipped with a CEMS, also taking in account the power of the boiler or furnace [MW] according to local regulations. For example:

  • Incineration Units
  • Gas Turbines
  • Cogeneration Facilities
  • Refining
  • Utilities and Municipalities
  • Industrial Boilers

TECNOVA HT can measure all the required typical CEMS parameters, such as:

  • Flue Gas flow & temperature
  • Dust
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Dioxine
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Nitrogen Monoxide (NO)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)
  • Total Hydrocarbon (THC)…

Whether you need the individual components for your emissions monitoring project or a fully integrated system, TECNOVA HT can deliver the solution. Our CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems not only help our customers in complying with the regulatory requirements and standards, but also in improving the overall operating efficiency of your plant and specific processes while taking an active role in protecting the environment.

Don’t lose yourself. TECNOVA HT team is here to help.


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