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The complexity of the situations in which Tecnova HT operates, the challenges of sustainable development and the need to take into consideration the interests of all people having a legitimate interest in the corporate business (“Stakeholders” as per ISO 9001:2015), strengthen the importance to clearly define the values that Tecnova HT accepts, acknowledges and shares as well as the responsibilities it assumes, contributing to a better future for everybody. For this reason, the new Tecnova HT Code of Ethics (“Code” or “Code of Ethics”) has been devised.

General Principles

Tecnova HT’s business and corporate activities has to be carried out in a transparent, honest and fair way, in good faith, and in full compliance with competition protection rules.

Any form of discrimination, corruption, forced or child labour is rejected. Particular attention is paid to the acknowledgement and safeguarding of the dignity, freedom and equality of human beings, to protection of labour and of the freedom of trade union association, of health, safety, the environment and biodiversity, as well as the set of values and principles concerning transparency, energy efficiency and sustainable development, in accordance with International Institutions and Conventions.

All Tecnova HT’s People, without any distinction or exception whatsoever, respect the principles and contents of the Code in their actions and behaviours while performing their functions and according to their responsibilities, since compliance with the Code is fundamental for the quality of their working and professional performance. Relationships among Tecnova Group’s People, at all levels, must be characterized by honesty, fairness, cooperation, loyalty and mutual respect.

Relations with Third Parties

Tecnova HT is committed to avoiding any conduct that may be misinterpreted as aimed at unfairly gaining advantages or favours from third parties. It especially forbids any exchange of gifts and contributions, money and any other benefits with third parties able to distort the normal relations of collaboration, professionalism and independent assessment.

Relations with Customers

Tecnova HT is committed to honour contracts it has agreed to and to build trustworthy relations with Customers, taking an active part in the resolution of their problems, providing a comprehensive, detailed and truthful information and ensuring the utmost confidentiality, flexibility, accuracy and punctuality.

Relations with Suppliers

Tecnova HT is committed to selecting Suppliers and Contractors not only on the basis of economic criteria, but also on qualities such as their technical and organizational capability, their ability to carry out the requested activity, the environmental safeguard and the financial solidity. Objective and accurate assessment of the performance of the Suppliers and Contractors is carried out, highlighting failings and strong points occurred while the work was in progress, as per ISO 9001:2015

Relations with Competitors

Tecnova HT  intends to characterize its presence on the market by its full respect for competition and the rules and laws that preserve it. It, therefore, commits itself to the observance of existing national and international regulations in all the regions where its activities take place. It is forbidden to seek illegitimate agreements aimed at controlling prices, at splitting the market, or to carry out other activity aimed at creating conditions of unfair advantage.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

The knowledge developed by Tecnova HT constitutes a fundamental resource to be protected. All the Interested Parties, even after termination of the working relation, shall not disclose any information regarding the technical, technological and commercial business of the Group.

Development and protection of Human Resources

People are basic components in the company’s life. The dedication and professionalism of management and employees represent fundamental values and conditions for achieving Tecnova HT’s objectives.

Tecnova HT is committed to developing the abilities and skills of management and employees so that their energy and creativity can have full expression for the fulfilment of their potential in their working performance, such as to protect working conditions as regards both mental and physical health and dignity. Undue pressure or discomfort is not allowed, while appropriate working conditions promoting development of personality and professionalism are fostered. Tecnova HT undertakes to offer, in full compliance with applicable legal and contractual provisions, equal opportunities to all its employees, making sure that each of them receives a fair statutory and wage treatment exclusively based on merit and expertise, without discrimination of any kind.

Harassment or mobbing in the workplace

Tecnova HT supports any initiatives aimed at implementing working methods for the achievement of a better organization. Tecnova HT demands that there shall be no harassment or mobbing behaviours in personal working relationships either inside or outside the company. Such behaviours are all forbidden, without exceptions, and are:

-the creation of an intimidating, hostile, isolating or in any case discriminatory environment for individual employees or groups of employees;

-unjustified interference in the work performed by others;

-the placing of obstacles in the way of the work prospects and expectations of others merely for reasons of personal competitiveness or because of other employees.

Any form of violence or harassment, either sexual harassment or harassment based on personal and cultural diversity, is forbidden. Such harassment is for instance:

-subordinating decisions on someone’s working life to the acceptance of sexual attentions, or personal and cultural diversity;

-obtaining sexual attentions using the influence of one’s role;

-proposing private interpersonal relations despite the recipient’s explicit or reasonably clear distaste;

-alluding to disabilities and physical or psychic impairment, or to forms of cultural, religious or sexual diversity.

Corporate Assets

Tecnova HT employees are required to use the assets and corporate resources to which they have access or which have been available to them in an efficient way and such that their value is preserved. With particular reference to the use of company IT equipment, in line with current corporate procedures, it is explicitly forbidden to install unauthorized software, illegally duplicate protected software licenses, record or playback audio-visual, electronic, paper or pictures of corporate documents, except in cases where these activities fall within the normal course of assigned duties. Everyone is personally responsible for maintaining the security of company IT equipment and for maintaining their login information confidential, in order to avoid fraudulent use or misuse of the same.

Contractual value of the Code

Respect of the Code’s rules is an essential part of the contractual obligations of all Tecnova HT People

pursuant to and in accordance with applicable law. Any violation of the Code’s principles and contents may be considered as a violation of primary obligations under labour relations or of the rules of discipline and can entail the consequences provided for by law, including termination of the work contract and compensation for damages arising out of any violation.

*****Fine Codice Etico (Inglese)/End of Ethical Code (English)*****

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