Liquid Analysis Systems

With more than 40 years of experience in the toughest applications, TECNOVA Liquid Analysis team provides in-line analysers to improve Customers’ process management as well as turnkey analytical solutions tailor-made for the Customer’s requirements or per applicable local regulations.

In the last decades, TECNOVA Liquid Analysis team has significantly increased its technical skills, establishing a reputation for itself with both End Users and EPC contractors as a result of its relentless pursuit for innovative and reliable solutions.

COD, TOC, TNb, Colour, Turbidity , Concentration, Brix, Haze, OiW & WiO… These are just a few of the parameters we deal with, as stand-alone analysers or integrated in complete analysis systems. The listed parameters are analysed by well-renowned technologies thanks to our long-standing partnership with leading international Vendors. Moreover, when application requirements cannot be met with TECNOVA devices, it is still possible to integrate any third-party equipment without degrading the system’s performance.


If no in-line analyser is suitable for a specific application due to severe process or mechanical requirements, then TECNOVA Liquid Analysis team is able to design, engineer and integrate a full range of Sample Conditioning & Fast Loop Systems to accomplish an off-line analysis. A skilfully engineered SCS is crucial both for off-line analyser performance and for future maintenance and reliability of entire analysis system. In case of an EPC project, the SCS is integrated selecting and purchasing any components such as pressure regulators, sample coolers, fast-loop pump, flow meters, as per approved project vendor list.

The TECNOVA portfolio of integrated solutions relies on:

  • Tailor-made EEx d integration
  • Rack Type installation
  • Cabinets for both Safe Area and Haz Area by EEx p protection
  • Three-sided Shelters…

The engineering workflow is backed by a real ISO 9001 process management and is based on careful material selection like painted steel, stainless steel, fiberglass or similar to choose the right cabinet. A conservative approach is followed to properly design any environmentally controlled shelter ranging from Siberian to Middle-East ambient temperature. The sharing and validation of any set of drawings such as layout, pneumatic or electrical, is a milestone of our project management to avoid any on-site non-conformity or, worse still, any safety issues. A full FAT Factory Acceptance Test, also witnessed, is always carried out, to solve any pending points before delivery.

TECNOVA Liquid Analysis team completes any supply with a full set of documentation, also in local language, composed of:

  • Order Conformity
  • Haz Area Certification (if applicable)
  • Operative & Maintenance Manuals
  • Items Data Sheet
  • Specific Safety Instruction

Any commissioning and start-up, 2-years or capital spare parts are duly listed and easily identifiable thanks to detailed diagrams and hook-up illustrations.

TECNOVA HT Service Department is always available for on-site activities like SAT Site Acceptance Test, third-party Validations, Commissioning & Start-up, Training and also routine Maintenance, if required.

Is it tough? Don’t worry…choose your single-source partner: TECNOVA HT is ready to help.

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